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NDSM Crane-hotel "Faralda"

Shipyard Talsma carried out a eye-catching project. The historic "Crane 13" on the NDSM site in Amsterdam was transformed into the luxury hotel "Faralda".

"Crane 13" was the last remaining building crane at the former shipyard "NDSM" and its adaptation to a luxury hotel fits seamlessly into the development that the region along the "IJ" is undergoing. The NDSM has in recent years transformed into a cultural area with many creative companies.

Talsma has first fully restored and repaired the steelwork. Next, three suites were made and placed in the mast of the crane. In the portal a television studio has been realized.

For more information: www.faralda.nl

Assembly and final results

The video below gives a nice impression of the assembly of the crane. The end result is stunning!


The video below shows the dismantling of the crane.


Onderstaande afbeeldingen geven een impressie van de uiteindelijke uitstraling van het kraanhotel.