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Refit "Spirit of Romo"

In November 2017 the "Spirit of Romo" arrived at our yard after an eventful trip from Poland, where this decommissioned Danish naval ship was bought by a Swish couple, who employed a Scottish captain to steer and manage this gem on behalf of the owner.

30171235_2040496639552832_5726970655784472058_o.jpg 29872155_2040496826219480_3234811591040297991_o.jpg 29872269_2040496816219481_368739470912975900_o.jpg 30052354_2040496646219498_9080079843467000054_o.jpg 29873145_2040496642886165_6847714196483170505_o.jpg 29983294_2040496729552823_2907911460409643325_o.jpg 30051728_2040496749552821_2637618924889875664_o.jpg 30425377_2040496649552831_8521884413683433073_o.jpg 29873351_2040496746219488_4165465312729689011_o.jpg 29872726_2040496819552814_5158610000561429381_o.jpg 29872767_2040496822886147_4234815855293412108_o.jpg 32779348_2057425147859981_3024169408932085760_o.jpg 32527808_2057425244526638_3741520129519779840_o.jpg 32562834_2057425311193298_4748489265199972352_o.jpg 32687059_2057425737859922_2783004255072550912_o.jpg 32423177_2057425727859923_8966894160648863744_o.jpg

This Swish couple had a dream to spent their retirement on a luxury yacht, with the charme of yesterday, but the conveniences of nowadays.

In their search for a suitable yacht they found this little gem from Denmark, moored at a burial for ships in Poland. They immediately saw the potential of this ship, with it's beautiful lines and powerful 2-stroke engine.

The challenge for Talsma: bring this lady into the 21st century, while keeping the character ánd the 2-stroke B&W Alpha in the engineroom.

To get to this end goal, we first had to strip the ship from mast to keel. The old superstructure has also been removed to make place for a new, more spacious and modernized superstructure. The beloved main engine has been revised and everything else on board is new, or has been renewed.

After placing the new superstructure the ship has been lifted from the ater to be painted.

After the new paintjob the ship has been launched and the outfitting of the ship started.

After only 11 months of refitting the "Spirit of Romo left Franeker in October 2018.

Fully equipped

In a relative short time the ship has been equipped with the following luxury items:

45911358_2187657404836754_2501793526224781312_o.jpg 46098173_2187657391503422_3188182411691163648_o.jpg 46139971_2187657398170088_202820987215937536_n.jpg 12727.jpg 43626598_2169875399948288_4664799121608015872_o.jpg 43628276_2169875429948285_4970227796648394752_o.jpg 44279949_2174187986183696_8008222383183757312_o.jpg 43599333_2169875413281620_2178253279039848448_o.jpg 43626598_2169875399948288_4664799121608015872_o.jpg 32423177_2057425727859923_8966894160648863744_o.jpg 32366845_2057425704526592_5080728822614065152_o.jpg gvdl20180917-0074.jpg gvdl20180917-0004.jpg gvdl20180917-0063.jpg gvdl20180917-0058.jpg gvdl20180917-0076.jpg gvdl20180917-0079.jpg gvdl20180917-0081.jpg gvdl20180917-0025.jpg gvdl20180917-0030.jpg
  • A state-of-the-art gyro stabilizer
  • A new hydraulic bow thruster
  • A hydraulic boarding ladder
  • Flexiteak decks
  • Two tenders (ribs)
  • A Smart-car
  • Two generators (1 large day generator en 1 smaller night generator) for the enlarged electrical needs
  • Completely new electrical system
  • Completely new HVAC system
  • Two stairlifts
  • A spacious saloon with bar and lounge sofa, a fully fitted galley, 1 owners cabin, 3 guest cabins, 1 captains cabin, 2 crewcabins en a crew mess
  • All cabins with luxurious bathroom
  • A fully outfitted bridge with all moden needs, which allows the "Spirit of Romo" to go anywhere in the world (for which she is also certified)

The refit of the "Spirit of Romo" is a project on which we look back with a lot of pride. The end result is a beautiful ship, fully equipped, which the owners will enjoy for a long time to come!