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Koftjalk "Tromp"

The koftjalk "Tromp" who had his home in Groningen until the end of the sixties was purchased by enthusiasts André Hamstra of Alertec Uitzendburo and Jelle Talsma of Shipyard Talsma after this glorious double master was disqualified for commercial shipping in 2002.

Tromp Grachtenfestijn.jpg f-1998-kijkopnoorderland-latinnet-grachtenfestijn--13-9-2015-13-34-01.jpg P1090650.JPG P1090651.JPG P1090652.JPG P1090654.JPG DSC_2852 Tromp Kop.jpg t35.jpg t36.jpg t37.jpg t9.jpg t26.jpg t39.jpg t4.jpg t40.jpg t6.jpg t1.jpg t7.jpg t19.jpg t31.jpg t38.jpg t2.jpg t8.jpg t23.jpg t33.jpg

The Tromp Foundation aimed to restore the ship to its original state. The work-to-learn project helped job seekers to find a better link with the labor market. The restoration of the Tromp took place at Dry-dock Groningen.

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