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Work-to-learn project Talsma and Maritime Academy

In cooperation with Shipyard Talsma and the Maritime Academy Harlingen, SkûleWelzijn Franeker has completed the project "Pollux". The parties have joint forces to purchase and restore the old iron Tjalk "Jonge Douwe". The project was intended to train young people in the shipbuilding industry so that they have a better chance at a job in this sector.

During this project, the Tjalk "Jonge Douwe" was completely restored by the participants. The restoration was completed in mid-2011. After the restoration, the "Jonge Douwe" can be used for day-trips for chronically ill, disabled and their caretakers.

Under the guidance of Hugo Kees of Shipyard Talsma they started with six participants. The total inflow consisted of eight participants per half year. Each participant had the opportunity to work for half a year. During this period they have learned the basics of shipbuilding.

Eventually, there have been some thirty young people working on this project. Of these, about half moved on to a job in shipbuilding. The project can be described as a great success.

More on this project

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